Live performance success has taken the Viva team around the world, performing at high profile events in a range of venues from palaces to glass houses, over water, off bridges, cranes and before royalty. Viva artists were also among the 30 aerialists to set a Guinness World Record for synchronised silks in London 2016.

Viva’s show packages cover all technical aspects including show rigging, equipment, H&S and PLI and your choice of silk colour and costume from our collection to suit event theming. We are happy to advise on packages to maximise our impact at your event.

With our self-contained system for flying up to 2 performers, we can elevate aerial to even greater heights, producing spectacles limited only by your imagination, space and budget.  Our current options are below, or talk to us about a creation for your event.

The Floating Jellyfish - Welcome to our Underwater World - Video here

A truly unique statement piece for any Under-The-Sea themed event.

Up to 5 magical, colour-changing sea creatures dancing and spinning in the air, the

Jellyfish move up and down on the current as their trailng tendrils tantalise guests.

After a captivating performance, each Jellyfish lands to release a beautiful Mermaiden. Jellyfish raise back up creating all-night aerial decor with an enchanting glow while Mermaiden mix, mingle and minx through the audience seeking their hearts’ desire.

Pure Silk - An event highlight of strength and grace - Video here

Invite your guests’ gaze skyward to enjoy beautiful lines and dramatic drops.

Tightly choreographed, multiple girl silk act from 1-3 performers for profile events.

Can be performed to your choice of music from Taiko drumming to a full orchestra.

Aerial Hoop - Showcasing flexibility and strength - Video here

Beautifully framed spinning aerial and acrobatic dance.

A favourite choice for lower venues where aerial space is limited.

Silk and hoop acts can also be performed from cranes or free-standing rigs.

“Your performance was a huge success.

Thank you for the time, attention and

care you took in the run up to and during the event.

The care you take shines through in your performance and

we are very proud to work  with you.

We look forward to working with you again soon.”

Eleanor Richardson, The Angels Events

“A wonderful performance,

your artistic ability and attention to detail are formidable”

Susan Wetherall-King, Starlight Design

Ambient Performance - A great ice-breaker for any event.

Lift the ‘Eyes to The Skies’ as guests enter, creating a perfect showcase for high venues.

Freestyle aerial options of hoop, silk, trapeze or harness flying, all to event sounds.

Create cost effective packages by combining with aerial acts and stilts performance.

Aerial Waitressing - Event drinks served by high flying performers.

Aerial waitresses take both service and drinking games to new heights.

Choose from an elegant champagne reception, to fun and games with super-soakers.

Available with up to 2 performers in harness or aerial hoops to suit your event space.